The Copywriting Masterclasses That Make Your Marketing Messages Stick

Ever wondered why some marketing messages stick? It’s no coincidence. There are many tricks that the big brands use to make their marketing disrupt, grab attention and gravitate consumers closer to their brand. And here’s the best bit…

You can use them too.

In just under two hours, you and your marketing team can acquire the knowledge, the framework, and the formulas to create compelling copy that gravitate customers closer to your brand.

Masterclass 1 – How to create rhythm and flow in your copy to maximize engagement

This masterclass will help you achieve the following objectives:

  • How to create captivating headlines and hooks that demand attention
  • How and when to use different sentence lengths to inject flow and rhythm
  • Home to hammer home a powerful message
  • How to make your copy more visual
  • How to summarize an emphatic opinion
  • How to increase readability
  • How and when to leverage special devices that the heavyweight brands use in their marketing
  • Understand the core principles behind compelling copywriting
  • When to inject pace to gain momentum

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Cushman & Wakefiueld

Case Study

With revenues of over $9.4 billion in 2021, Cushman & Wakefield is one of the world’s leading commercial real estate investing firms in the world. I delivered the above masterclass to help them understand how to make their copywriting engaging by injecting flow and rhythm into their copy.

‘Harry is a fantastic copywriter and wordsmith’

“He ran a brilliant session for our marketing & bids team recently which was both educational and interesting. Really well delivered with strong content. I’m hoping to organise more sessions soon.”

Rose Ellis, Head of Marketing UK&IE | Head of Events, Cushman & Wakefield

Masterclass 2 – How to create powerful copywriting phrases that make your message stick

This masterclass will help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand 4 principles behind compelling copywriting
  • How to pack a long message in a short sentence
  • How to create visual copy that demands attention
  • How to create sticky messages that drive persuasion
  • How to break patterns to stand out from your competition
  • Know when to use the power of 3 to gravitate customers closer to your brand
  • How to use powerful devices in your ads that all the big brands use
  • How to humanize your copy to build rapport with your target market

Note: This is a very technical lesson where I provide frameworks and formulas for you and your marketing team to use in your own ads. Everything is broken down in granular detail. We will also analyze how big brands such as Nike, Apple, and Armour use all of the copywriting principles in their marketing.


Case Study

Warburtons is the largest bakery brand in the UK with a company valuation of around £917 million. The Warburtons team wanted me to tailor a masterclass that would help them achieve the following:

  • Create pithy memorable statements
  • How to achieve a consistent tone of voice
  • The foundations of powerful copywriting

‘Harry provided an excellent interactive and engaging masterclass insights session for the team to broaden our copywriting understanding and skills.’

“We covered a lot of basics and theory which Harry brought to life with some interesting real life examples and relatable content.

He also gave us practical tips and insights that can be applied and used in our day-to-day correspondence with both colleagues and consumers. It was great that everyone was also able to take away different benefits depending on their requirements.

Thanks for a great session Harry, we would recommend you to others.”

Jennie Bearman, Social & Digital Strategy Manager

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