Copywriting Masterclass


Who are Warburtons?

Warburtons is officially the biggest brand bakery in the UK. Over 2 million products are sold every day across 18,500 stores across the country. Their product range includes bread, rolls, crumpets, teacakes, bagels and thins.

Warburtons’ Copywriting Needs

Due to the content that I posted on LinkedIn, Warburtons sent an enquiry about the possibility of undergoing a copywriting masterclass. They were interested in my methodology and wanted me to create a tailored masterclass to their marketing team.

  • Create pithy memorable statements: structures and formulas to follow that will have the desired effect on your target market
  • How to achieve a consistent tone of voice: techniques that make you consistent in your tone of voice, e.g. word choice
  • The foundations of powerful copywriting: insights into how to deliver potent copy

The overarching objective was to highlight and unpack each of these concepts in a way that would allow the marketing team to create compelling copy that was aligned with the brand image.

Tailoring the lesson

A comprehensive questionnaire was sent to the head of marketing to allow her to flesh out the points she made in our preliminary Zoom call.

Contents of the copywriting masterclass

The masterclass is based on the copywriting methodology that I have shaped by years of studying the most influential advertisements provided by the biggest brands. I break down the psychological impact of the techniques used on consumers by companies such as Apple, KFC, Loreal, Nike, Armour, McDonalds and more.

Part 1: The foundations behind powerful copywriting

  • Cutting sentences
  • Replacing adverbs
  • Using nouns to make copy visual
  • Adjective limitation
  • Using the active for a punch

Part 2: How to create sticky messages

  • How to turn heads and demand attention
  • The mastery behind a hook
  • Break the rules, break patterns
  • The magic of 3
  • The impact of italics
  • The power of parallelism
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition
  • Making the last ‘thing’ longer
  • How to use antithesis to drive persuasion

Part 3: How to be consistent in your tone of voice

  • Choosing your archetype
  • Dissecting the Jester archetype
  • The 5 copywriting rules for marketing the Jester archetype

The result

After a week of preparation, I finally delivered a two-hour copywriting masterclass that consisted of 128 slides. The masterclass itself wasn’t unfamiliar – I was an English language teacher for two years, so I knew how to deliver the material in a captivating manner.

The masterclass was a great success and I received complimentary emails based on the knowledge I shared. I’m currently in the process of making this masterclass accessible on my website for you to download. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.

‘Harry provided an excellent interactive and engaging masterclass’

“Harry provided an excellent interactive and engaging masterclass insights session for the team to broaden our copywriting understanding and skills. We covered a lot of basics and theory which Harry brought to life with some interesting real life examples and relatable content.

He also gave us practical tips and insights that can be applied and used in our day-to-day correspondence with both colleagues and consumers. It was great that everyone was also able to take away different benefits depending on their requirements.”

Jennie Bearman, Warburtons

Do you or your company need a copywriting masterclass?

My copywriting masterclasses can be done in person or via Zoom. Copywriting masterclasses are tailored to the client and the content will uncover how to:

  • Instill emotion
  • Inject rhythm
  • Create powerful hooks
  • Use different sentence lengths for different effects
  • Break patterns in advertising to grab attention
  • Use different copywriting formulas
  • Create pithy statements like Apple