LinkedIn Copywriting Gems

If you’ve taken a small peek on my LinkedIn profile you’ll notice that I’m quite active over there. Below is a small collection of some of the content I’ve shared with my followers that’s gained a lot traction. 

 Have a browse below and click on any of the images to discover how to create compelling copy that drives persausion



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Goal: Maximize engagement by energizing your copy

    Goal: Create a powerful B2B SaaS pricing page that maximizes conversions

    Goal: Create rhythmic copy that pulls readers deeper into your copy

      Goal: Understand when and how to use short and lang sentences to create rhythm + maximize engagement 

      Goal: Make the reader feel the sting of a specific part of your message

      Goal: Create lean copy that allows the reader to slide through sentences without bumps

      Goal: Craft attention-grabbing headlines that pulls readers into the meat of the copy

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