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Your content is what generates leads. 

Your copy is what converts them.

I specialise in both.

Here’s a bit about me:

  • Website copy that’s generated over $15 million in revenue.

  • Ranked a blog #1 on Google for a unicorn company.

  • Increased a client’s revenue by 10% in one month with email marketing.

  • Provides copywriting masterclasses to multi-million dollar companies.


Email Marketing Statistics


Average open rate


Revenue increase in one month


Average click rate

‘Harry is a fantastic copywriter and wordsmith!’

“Harry is a fantastic copywriter and wordsmith! He ran a brilliant session for our marketing & bids team recently which was both educational and interesting. Really well delivered with strong content. I’m hoping to organise more sessions soon.”

Rose Ellis, Head of Marketing UK&IE | Head of Events, Cushman & Wakefield

Content writing that gets you ranking on Google 

I follow a special formula that optimizes content for SEO and converts visitors into leads.

This process has helped me rank unicorn Redis Labs #1 in the featured snippets section on Google (see right).

Email list management that generates revenue on repeat

Struggling to generate revenue with your email list?

I’m a certified email list manager and I can guarantee that I’ll boost your revenue by 10% in thirty days or…

 You don’t pay. 


Copywriting masterclasses that level up your in-house marketing team

Feel that your team needs to sharpen their copywriting skills?

I’ve provided tailored masterclasses to international heavyweights including Cushman & Wakefield and Warburtons (see sample on the right) and I can do it for you. 


‘His writing was always high quality, and he was able to adapt to fit our voice and style.’

“Harry did a great job creating interesting how-to blogs that developers could follow to create their own applications. His writing was always high quality, and he was able to adapt to fit our voice and style. Most importantly, he created assets that could resonate with developers, which is a tricky audience to reach. Harry is a skilled writer and I was happy to work with him on my team!”

Gavin Cahill, Content Marketing Manager, Redis Labs

So what do you get when you hire me?

More time. More authority. More growth.


  • You have more time to focus on growth, strategy, and managing leads

  • You no longer worry about creating SEO-optimised content that ranks on Google

  • You rule the roost with a unique and consistent brand personality that your target market loves

  • You have a conversion-optimised website that transforms visitors into leads

  • You have a powerful content library that pushes leads down the funnel by providing customers with value

I brought on Harry as a freelancer copywriter to support one of my client’s content development efforts, and my experience working with him has been fantastic! He’s easy to work with, diligent, savvy with B2B copywriting (in our case), and has a solid understanding of writing for SEO optimization. My team and I have been very happy with his work, and I can certainly recommend his copyrighting services!

Dave deCourcelle

Start Up Marketing Leader, Position 2

Steal my writing methodologies to sharpen your copy and attract more customers

Get an insight into how I approach website copy in my audits on Youtube.

Here you’ll discover how you can:

  • Create powerful UVPs
  • Craft persuasive copy
  • Instil trust
  • Communicate credibility


Dive into my blog to discover how to:

  • Craft conversion-optimized copy
  • Create flow + rhythm in your writing
  • Build up suspense and momentum 
  • Create powerful phrases in your ad copy

Grab some of my best performing guides on LinkedIn

Access titbits of copywriting inisghts as an easy way to level up on your writing skills.

Grab em. Download them. And put them all into practise.





‘Harry is one of the best copywriters I have ever worked with.’

“Harry is one of the best copywriters I have ever worked with. He has a solid onboarding process and you can clearly see he spent a lot of time finding the best formula for getting the most relevant information from his clients.”

Iona Dragomir, Digital Marketing Specialist

SEO Builder Testimonial

“Everytime the content has been bang on”

“The content is really really good, very well researched, and all of the keywords are in the content, making sure that the content is SEO-optimized.”

“The content reads really easily and all of the keywords are on the page.”

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