SEO content that takes your SaaS business to new heights 


  • Rank on Google
  • Boost traffic
  • Build brand authority

Let’s make you stand out from a noisy B2B SaaS crowd and generate leads.

Unique and SEO optimised content is part of the winning formula that will beat your competition in the long run. 

This will help you level up your business in so many different ways:

  • Help you rank on Google
  • Generate organic traffic 
  • Build your brand authority
  • Push existing leads down the funnel
  • Power up your domain authority


Here’s the problem with 99% of content in the SaaS sphere. 

Too much technical jargon

Using technical language in your content will create friction between you and the reader, putting you on the backfoot from the get-go. Why? Because they don’t understand the jargon you use. This makes it a hell of a lot more difficult for them to recognise the benefits of your product and how it works.

Not SEO-optimised

If it’s not built to rank then it won’t be seen. This can be incredibly disheartening, especially if you offer a TONNE of value in your content. Keywords, H1s, and meta tags – they all matter. If you don’t get this stage right then you’ll fail to generate any sort of organic traffic. 


There’s nothing unique about it

The SaaS space is crammed with businesses that promise the sun and moon with their solution. Yet, most b2b SaaS companies seem identical to one another. Your content is what helps you to portray a unique brand personality. If it’s generic, how will you separate yourself from your competitors?

Not customer-centric

Always, always, always your content must provide value. If it doesn’t then there’s no reason for your target market to stay on your website. The best B2B SaaS content out in the digi-sphere helps solve people’s problems and often includes actionable steps that are easy to digest. Fail to do this and you’ll have missed a trick. 


What can you expect to find in every piece of SaaS content I write?

Keyword research to rank for the right terms

SEO all begins with keyword research. I identify what keywords are most revelant to your B2B SaaS business based on your domain authority and the level of competition. We’ve got to be strategic here. And if you already have a list available? Great. I’ll still take a look at it and see if you’re missing anything. 

SEO optimisation to rank your content on Google

Now it’s time to weave these keywords into your blog(s). When writing, I’ll find the right balance between SEO and the user experience – it’s got to excel in both areas. The length of each blog will be determined by the word count that’s most optimal to get you on page 1 of Google. 

Maximum engagement to push leads down the funnel

It’s all about providing value and using language that pulls deeper into the content. Anything flat and mundane will push readers away. Get this stage right and you’ll build enough rapport that’ll push readers further down the funnel. I do this by using powerful language whilst providing solutions that solve the readers’ problems. 

Powerful brand messaging to build trust with your customers

You want your B2B SaaS business to be seen as an authority figure. You also want it to be unique where your personality is projected in a particular way. But, above all, you want to generate leads. The content I create will build birdges with your target market and persuade readers to click on your fremium or sign up to your free trial. 

Conversion optimised meta tags to boost your click-through-rate

Meta tags provide a brief summary of your page’s content in a text format. And they are crucial to getting people to click on to your blog post. I do this by using powerful language that persaudes people to visit your content instead of your competitors’.

Want to level up on your content?

Send me an email about your content needs and let’s get the ball rolling.

Gavin Cahill, Redis Labs

Gavin Cahill, Redis Labs

Content Marketing Manager

Harry did a great job creating interesting how-to blogs that developers could follow to create their own applications. His writing was always high quality, and he was able to adapt to fit our voice and style.

Most importantly, he created assets that could resonate with developers, which is a tricky audience to reach. Harry is a skilled writer and I was happy to work with him on my team!