Copywriting Audits


Check out my collection of copywriting audits to get an insight into how I apporach conversion copy. These are all from my YouTube channel which I share with my followers on LinkedIn. 


How I created persuasive copy for Arena Calibrate

Here’s a sneak peek into my copywriting process. Check out the video to discover how I:

  • Created a new UVP that targets customer pain points
  • Optimized above-the-fold elements for conversions
  • Instilled credibility to facilitate trust
  • Removed friction by emphasizing user-friendliness  






Wistia copywriting audit

  • 2 easy ways Wistia could create a more powerful UVP
  • Why using videos above the fold is risky
  • 1 conversion blunder that’s impacting persuasion

Loom copy audit

In this video I cover 3 very unique and cool copywriting tricks Loom have used on their homepage. These include:

  • The power of visualization in the UVP
  • How Loom used a unique device to hammer home a benefit in their UVP
  • How Loom used specificity to drive persuasion