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Who are Ultralytics?

Ultralytics are disrupters in the AI industry, pioneering a movement to make AI accessible to everyone through an application on their phone. They’ve been involved in the AI landscape since 2014, collaborating with the US Community and Department of Defence Initiatives in different sub-niches, such as particle physics, data science, and artificial intelligence.

The Challenge

Translating complicated AI concepts into everyday language was at the forefront of their objectives. Ultralytics also wanted to communicate that they are the go-to solution for AI and that they provide the easiest and most efficient AI solutions.

Their first objective was for the copy on their website to reflect a calm, approachable, and peaceful persona that would reduce the barrier to entry for students and novice AI enthusiasts. Next they needed content to demonstrate their expertise, instill trust and communicate the value that they provide to their target market.

The Solution

Below are a handful of the strategies I used to deliver the final product:

  • Create a slogan that simplifies their UVP – Make AI easy
  • Provide examples and analogies to describe complex concepts like ‘AI architectures’
  • Use simple language and avoid jargon to eliminate friction between the brand and the user
  • Wrap product features into benefits
  • Use statistics and numbers to instill credibility and trust
  • Spread CTAs across different pages to allow users to navigate naturally through the website

The Result

After a week of preparation, I finally delivered a two-hour copywriting masterclass that consisted of 128 slides. The masterclass itself wasn’t unfamiliar – I was an English language teacher for two years, so I knew how to deliver the material in a captivating manner.

The masterclass was a great success and I received complimentary emails based on the knowledge I shared. I’m currently in the process of making this masterclass accessible on my website for you to download. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.

Ultralytics copy
Ultralytics copy
Ultralytics copy

‘Harry is a great copywriter!’

“Harry is a great copywriter! He helped write blogs and other content for our new website, taking time to investigate the complex AI topics in depth. Harry would participate in interviews, collecting the requisite background material before mixing and matching it into a great article that discussed the topic at hand in a way that made it easy for all audiences to understand more about AI, which was very important to us! Would highly recommend for future work.”

Glenn Jocher, Founder & CEO, Ultralytics

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