Redis Case Study


Who are Redis?

Industry: Tech/data

Company Evaluation: $4-5 billion

Status: Unicorn

Redis ltd is a private computer software company that provides one of the most powerful NoSQL databases in the world. Companies that use their star product, Redis Enterprise, include Instagram, Uber, Airbnb, Shopify, Twitter, Slack, and Robinhood.


Being in such a jargon-rich industry, Redis was looking for a copywriter who was able to unpack complex terminologies and translate them into a language that is both human and understandable.

Redis also needed SEO-optimized content to rank on Google and generate traffic. 



I worked closely with different data experts on numerous ebooks and whitepapers. I would first carry out my own research to gain background knowledge of the topic to then sync with the specialists to ensure that the brand image, the tonality, and the translation of jargon were on point.

I would then conduct SEO research to identify the right keywords to target and weave them into my blogs, ensuring that everything was SEO-optimized. 


  • 30+ blogs
  • 40+ copy assets (landing pages, social media posts, sales emails)
  • 5 whitepapers
  • 5 ebooks


+ 57% increase in content asset downloads

+ Blogs appearing in the featured snippets section for a target keyword (see below)

+ PR companies approaching Redis to promote the content assets I created


‘Most importantly, he created assets that could resonate with developers’

“Harry initially joined us to work on a specific blog project aimed at developers. Working with a technical expert, Harry did a great job creating interesting how-to blogs that developers could follow to create their own applications. From there, we brought him on for more and more projects until he was writing e-books, promotional copy, blogs, and more for Redis.

During that time, he was always eager to take on new challenges, even if they involved diving into deeply technical material. His writing was always high quality, and he was able to adapt to fit our voice and style. Most importantly, he created assets that could resonate with developers, which is a tricky audience to reach.”

Gavin Cahill, Redis

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