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Makala Green

Who is Makala Green?

Makala Green is one of the UK’s most renowned Chartered Financial Planners. Below are a list of some of her credentials:

  • Britain’s first black female chartered financial expert
  • Financial Advisor of The Year – South East 2021
  • Financial Marketing Influencer of the Year 2022
  • Collaborations with big-name brands, such as Waitrose, French Connection, Marks & Spencer, and Metro Bank
  • Spoken at over 100 speaking events on how to manage your money effectively

Media outlets Makala has appeared on

  • Financial Times
  • BBC Radio
  • ITV
  • This Morning
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Independent
  • Daily Express
  • The Sun
  • Investors Chronicle
  • Women’s Health
  • Glamour

The Challenge

As you can see from above, Makala has had many appearances on some of the biggest media outlets in the UK. She has a big name but did not have a website. And in this day in age, if you don’t have a website, you’re not on the map.

Makala came to me in need of someone to write the copy on her website, with a strong emphasis on the following:

  • Communicate in a friendly and energetic tone of voice
  • Remove the intimidation that comes with finance
  • Demonstrate expertise and credibility
  • Compel guests to send a message

The Solution

Below are a handful of the strategies I used to deliver the final product:

  • Use everyday language that people can relate to which is not colloquial.
  • Use analogies to translate complex financial concepts
  • Build rapport with readers by highlighting that Makala understands their pain points (see below)
  • Use contractions to remove the corporate edge from Makala’s persona
  • Use conversion optimized tactics to compel readers to get in touch with Makala

The Result

I delivered a fully conversion-optimized website which communicated Makala’s vibrancy in a way that would compel non-financial savvy guests to send an enquiry. The website’s architecture allowed traffic to naturally navigate through each page, depending on the stage of the customer’s journey.

The homepage supported this by using many calls to action as doorways to other corners of the website. Makala was very happy about the end result, as seen by her comments below

Ultralytics copy
Ultralytics copy
Ultralytics copy

‘I was truly amazed by the work he did for me and would highly recommend him to anyone’

“I had the pleasure of working with Harry Maule, who helped me with my copywriting for my website. His work goes above and beyond just a copywriter. He takes the time to understand you as a client and your needs to make the magic happen with his words. I was truly amazed by the work he did for me and would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Makala Green, Award Winning Chartered Financial Expert


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