Luxury Scotland Tours Case Study


Who are Luxury Scotland Tours?

Industry: Luxury Travel

Company Evaluation: £3 million

Luxury Scotland Tours is a premier luxury travel company specializing in providing bespoke, high-end tours and experiences across Scotland. With a strong emphasis on luxury, exclusivity, and personalized service, the company offers discerning travelers the opportunity to explore Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture in the lap of luxury.


Luxury Scotland Tours needed a high converting website to transform a lot of their traffic into high paying customers.



To ensure a thorough understanding of the target market, I conducted extensive research on Reddit and distributed a questionnaire to the client. This allowed me to delve into the pain points, needs, and desires of the audience.

Armed with this valuable data, I crafted compelling and descriptive copy for the website, painting a vivid picture of the desired experience. The focus was on showcasing the awe-inspiring Scottish landscapes and emphasizing the tour’s luxurious nature.

By leveraging this approach, the website successfully captured visitors’ imagination, immersing them in the envisioned journey.


  • 13 website pages
  • 12 itineraries


+ After collaborating together, we were able to increase the website conversion rate from 2.1% to 4.9%, an increase of 2.8%.

+ Rank number one on Google for ‘luxury scotland tours.’

+ Had Luxury Scotland Tours continued with the same website, they would have missed out on £1.3 million in revenue.



‘Harry’s conversion techniques have improved conversion rates by up to 2.8% on the website’

Simply the best content writer I have worked with. Being an SEO I need a quality content writer that is competent in writing website copy. 

Harry’s biggest strength is his ability to write content that converts. Some of our A/B split tests has shown Harry’s conversion techniques have improved conversion rates by up to 2.8% on the website. 

Struan Baird, Co-founder at MV Luxury Travel 

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