Email list management

I will increase your revenue by at least 10% through email marketing in one month guaranteed.

  • Boost your revenue by at least 10%


  • Own a super-engaged email list with a 20%+ open rate


  • Have automated flows generate sales in the back end


  • Be confident in knowing that all of your emails are landing in the primary inbox


  • Grow your email list to increase your customer base

Get more time. Focus on growing your business. Generate 10%+ more revenue from your email list. 

I’m a Certified Email List Manager – Troy Ericson’s Email Paramedic

Troy Ericson is one of the world’s most famous email marketers. He leads an exclusive community of email copywriters, where membership to the ‘Email Paramedic’ is only granted to those who achieve exceptional results in a rigorous examination.

How it works

1. Identify deliverability issues

I’ll first analyze your metrics and systems to see if you have any problems with dlieverability – anything below a 15% open rate and you have a problem. 

2. Flow + campaign audit

Next, I’ll then dissect your flows and campaigns to see what areas you could improve to maximize deliverability and revenue. 

3. Segment your list

List segmentation is crucial to maximize engagement and ensure that emails land in the primary inbox. I’ll segment your list based on user behaviour to create personalized emails. 

4. Create automated flows

I’ll create automated flows to target customers that are at each stage of the funnel to push them closer to a conversion. 

5. Send daily broadcast emails

Broadcast emails will be sent daily to build and nurture relationships with your customer base. They will be sent with the purpose of establishing authority, building credibility, and instilling trust. 

6. Automate and optimize

Once everything has been set up, I will continuously test and refine email marketing strategies to continously improve results. 

Case Study

Flip Supply Results

Flip Supply are the most reputable sneaker store in Edinburgh. They needed assistnace in improving email deliverability and generating additional revenue from their email marketing. 

  • Increased revenue: 10%+ in one month
  • Average open rate: 51.7%
  • Average click rate: 2.14%