Persuasive Copywriting for More Sales

In a nutshell, sales copy is text that persuades customers to purchase a product or service. Sales copy can come under any of the following:

  • Sales emails
  • Sales letters
  • Online sales and web pages
  • Social media ads
  • Product descriptions
Sales copy needs to be persuasive. Without persuasion, your pitch is sunk. From start to finish, your sales copy is the tightrope that delicately guides your reader towards the conversion, simply requiring the slip of a word to throw them off balance.

It’s difficult … I know it is but that’s a good thing because not many businesses are doing it effectively. If done successfully, you’ll attract new clients, enjoy higher profit margins and gain an edge over your competition. How much better would your business be?

Having worked with a myriad of different clients across a variety of different industries, there’s one common theme that sticks out – the client may change but the principles stay the same.

And so here’s my pitch – I know how to write persuasive copy and I know how to do it well. I know how to gain traction and improve conversions. How do I do this? I follow my very own formula that I’ve created through years of experience and it’s proven to work time and time again.

Feel free to gain an insight into my approach below and don’t hesitate to get in touch to see what I can do for you.

My Approach

From civil engineering to tradesmen through to accountants, I’ve written website copy for clients across a whole range of industries. The clients may differ but the principles remain the same. Here are a few factors that I ensure to include in my copy

Understanding your target market

Who is your target market? What are their biggest pain points? What relationship do you have with them? Understanding who you’re selling to is the most important aspect of writing persuasively. Why?

Because you can’t offer a solution to their problems without knowing their problems. 

Prior to any project, undertaking extensive research on who I’m selling to is the most important aspect of my approach. This includes:

  • Sending a questionnaire to my client 
  • Searching on forums
  • Leveraging social media channels

Selling an idea – not a product or service

Nobody likes being sold to and rightly so. Why should you listen to anyone that only wants your money? Alternatively, sales copy should pitch an idea to the customer of what life would be like without their most pressing problem. 

Enabling customers to imagine such a scenario helps you to connect with them emotionally, creating a smoother transition to your sales pitch.

Language and tone of voice

What you say and how you say it are just as important as each other. Saying the right things with a tone of voice that’s reflective of your brand and coherent for your customers will build rapport, instil trust and get them closer to a conversion.

Using different attention grabbers

Poor attention grabbers will lead to poor results. Persuasive sales copy first needs to spark interest to get that initial pull to your sales copy. Once I understand your audience inside out, I’ll decide on what attention grabber to use. This will determine the overall approach of the sales copy.

Call to Actions

How many URLs do you put in your sales copy? Many businesses make the mistake of decimating sales pages or even emails with different links to different products or services. This detracts the readers’ focus and negates conversions. I keep it simple by focusing on the most important objective.