SEO Builder

The Background

SEO Builder is a marketing agency that offers a range of link-building services to businesses looking to bolster their Google rankings. Although based in Scotland, SEO Builder has an international presence, pulling in clients from the USA, Canada, the rest of the UK and Australia.

The Problem

Services relating to SEO and link-building are very niche-specific, so mostly only industry specialists will be aware of the value they offer.

SEO Builder needed jargon-free copy on their website to remove this barrier between themselves and businesses who were unfamiliar with SEO. The copy needed to clearly break down each of their services whilst emphasising the benefits.

The Solution

Use simplified language that details how each service works whilst formatting the benefits into bite-sized chunks to encourage engagement.

The Format

Consumers are more likely to switch off when reading about unfamiliar topics, so maintaining engagement was a priority. The copy was signposted in the form of FAQs to address prospects’ most pressing questions and to provide quick and easy information about the service. Moreover, the benefits were broken down into smaller nuggets of copy to allow visitors to gloss over them and instantly understand the value of each service.

The copy

Minimal use of jargon with punchy sentences to succinctly explain each service and the role it plays in SEO. The avoidance of long sentence structures was deliberate to encourage engagement.


Since going live, SEO Builder has been growing in leaps and bounds. Despite the pandemic, the agency is en route to reaching a personal milestone of a six figure profit by the end of the financial year in April 2021.

What they say about me

“Harry is great to work with. Captures the brief, asks the right questions, and takes a really thoughtful approach. He has SEO at the top of his mind, as well as the need to write compelling, engaging, informative copy that moves people from A to B. He’s also open to developing his knowledge and always keen to act on feedback to get the right result. I would recommend him but I don’t want him to get too busy!!”

Faith Liversedge – Marketing Consultant

“Harry has now worked on several copywriting projects for me and my company, ranging from website content to blog posts. Each time I have been very pleased with the quality of his work and his love for content writing. Harry is very responsive and gets the job done on time. I would highly recommend Harry and his services and I shall be using him again very soon.”

Robert Kirk – Owner of SEO Builder & Citations Builder

“Simply the best content writer I have worked with. Being an SEO I need a quality content writer that is competent in writing website copy. Harry is a former SEO himself and blends well written content with SEO fundamentals. Harry’s biggest strength is his ability to write content that converts. Some of our a/b split landing page tests has shown Harry’s conversion techniques have improved conversion rates by up to 50%. Timely, knowledgeable and very fairly priced, we can’t recommend Harry enough.”

Struan Baird Co-founder of MV Luxury Travel & Braw Agency

“After years of trying to find the right people for our internet marketing team, I was given Harrys contact details by a mutual friend who suggested that I use Harry for our copywriting and blogs. Harry has now taken over all of our copywriting and blog posts after proving from the beginning that he understood what we were looking for and how he can improve on that (in which he did). Harry’s done a fantastic job in improving the quality of content on our website as well as all of the web pages. We would highly recommend Harry’s services!”

Derek Lamont, Company Owner at HiF Kitchens

“Harry is blessed with an exceptional attention to detail whilst being a proven creative who excels at copywriting across multiple topics, with a solid grounding in SEO and conversion principals that are applied to the content he authors. Very easy to work with as well!”

Ian Daniels, Head of Digital, Yard Digital

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